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Pension Deductions is an independent entity which makes retirement plans accessible to business owners at the click of a button.

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Our goal is to create a seamless process to install a new pension plan while reducing the over head for the business. We endeavor to optimize the pension contributions to the owners and the employees. With our insights, we seek to ensure that the plan sponsors understand the essentials of pension plan design while leaving the technical details to the actuarial team.

Using our one of a kind ‘DB Calculator’ we make complicated pension calculations seem very simple. This calculator allows financial advisors and accountants to generate a quick estimate of the defined benefit contributions for a potential client. We understand that you are always on the move, so the DB Calculator has been designed to be easily accessible from your smart phones. We are planning to launch it as an app very soon.

All pension related services will be provided by Pension Associates, a premier pension consulting firm operating out of Stamford, Connecticut for the past 20 years.